Leadership Team

Mahendra Kumar Patodia, The Founder of the group, embarked on his career in the automotive parts trade at a young age of 16. With over 50 years of experience and having completed his graduation in BSc, he leveraged his innate entrepreneurial potential to guide the Group to its present success, underpinned by a strong ethical foundation.

Beyond his business endeavors, Mr. Patodia is known for his philanthropic contributions. He has authored several self-help books, generously distributed at no cost. He advocates for each family member’s contribution towards self-independence, believing in the value of work and earning to achieve personal goals.

Mahendra Kumar Patodia


Sudha Patodia, The Co-founder and essential pillar of the Group, oversees the Accounts and Finance Departments. After graduating with a master’s in English Literature, her journey commenced without prior knowledge of accounting. Through self-driven dedication, she has evolved into a self-taught expert in her field, now adeptly leading a team comprising over twenty seasoned and budding accountants.

Sudha Patodia


Jitesh Patodia, Serving as the Managing Director, proudly represents the second generation at the helm of the Group. Having imbibed invaluable insights from his father through dedicated training, he remains aligned with the fundamental ethos of the organization. His core belief centers on fostering enduring business success through the cultivation of robust relationships and unwavering ethical standards.

Under his adept leadership, the MKP Group has earned widespread acclaim within the Automotive Industry. Instrumental in forging strategic alliances, he has steered the Group towards esteemed partnerships with top automotive brands in the country, including Hero, Maruti, Tata, Royal Enfield, TVS, and Honda. His visionary approach has been pivotal in expanding the Group’s operations across the state of Maharashtra.

Jitesh Patodia

Managing Director

Bineeta Patodia, Holding the role of Director, adheres to the ethos set by MKP, advocating for the active involvement of every family member in the Group’s operations. Spearheading all warehouse operations, she embodies invaluable support, nurturing and guiding the second generation towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Beginning her journey as a proficient homemaker, Bineeta leveraged her innate organizational skills to fortify the backend operations of the business. She plays a pivotal role as the liaison between the finance department and the sales team, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted cash flow within the Group at all times.

Bineeta Patodia

Managing Director

Anshay Patodia, Serving as a Director, exhibits a fervent passion for automobiles, driving his eagerness to contribute to the thriving family business. Armed with a BTech degree and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Boston College in Boston, he embarked on a transformative journey, dedicating a year in Mumbai to immerse himself in the practical facets of the Group’s operations and business landscape.

Having honed his skills, Anshay has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the Group, emerging as an indispensable asset. His strategic acumen played a pivotal role in securing partnerships with esteemed brands like Idemitsu and CEAT, ushering them under the Group’s umbrella. Furthermore, he steered the digital transformation of MKP Group by spearheading the launch of TSC, our comprehensive online platform catering to streamlined parts purchasing.

Anshay Patodia


Divyani Patodia, Assuming the role of Director, brings forth a focused, strategic, and unconventional approach to her endeavors, making her a commendable addition to the MKP family. Shaped by her diverse experiences, including boarding school and pursuit of Psychology and Sociology as her majors, she possesses a profound understanding of human behavior.

Embarking on a journey to learn the intricacies of the business under the guidance of Sudha Patodia, Divyani is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the HA & Accounts section of the company. Her profound belief in the intricate and creative nature of the human mind fuels her aspiration to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Driven by the conviction that societal growth intertwines with personal growth, she spearheads the Group’s CSR activities, aspiring to foster a kinder world for all.

Divyani Patodia


Aanjan Patodia, Assuming the role of Director, stands as the youngest business executive in the family, harboring ambitious visions for the company’s future. Fueled by an ardent passion for automobiles and cars, he embraced racing as a hobby, displaying a penchant for excellence akin to the family’s tradition of perfectionism.

A remarkable achiever in the motorsports realm, Aanjan has earned several accolades, holding various ranks in India, including securing a prestigious National Championship trophy. Armed with a B.Tech degree and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Boston College, Boston, he aims to chart the course of the company’s growth by venturing into diversified sectors.

His fervent dedication and drive to propel the company forward reflect his commitment to contribute significantly to its expansion and evolution.

Aanjan Patodia


Amit Garg, Serving as the CEO in Kolhapur, embodies passion, talent, and unwavering diligence. His journey with the Group commenced during his studies, where he began as a Sales Executive. Holding an MBA from the Indira Institute of Management, Amit has ascended to the role of CEO within the Kolhapur Division, overseeing operations across South Maharashtra, and managing esteemed brands including Hero, Honda, TVS, Tata PV, and Royal Enfield.

Under his adept leadership, Amit has spearheaded remarkable growth within the division, having effectively doubled the top-line figures. His strong business acumen coupled with exceptional leadership qualities continues to drive sustained growth and expansion for the company.

Amit Garg

CEO, Kolhapur

Every experience teaches and hones skill sets. The perfect example of this is Binit Garg. He finished his studies at Kolkata University and started his career as an ICICI prudential life insurance advisor. He then joined his father in the coal-trading business. In 2010, he was recruited by the Group and underwent training in Pune. Within a year, he was transferred to Mumbai to handle operations as a Manager. He believes in providing the best customer satisfaction and building healthy relationships with customers & employees. Today, he is the COO of the Mumbai Division handling brands like Hero, CEAT, and Idemitsu.

Binit Garg

CEO, Mumbai